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1 m³ Sewage Storage Tank

1 m³ Sewage Storage Tank

1. Sewage Storage Tank Application

The sewage storage tank is used for storing raw sewage on ships or solid waste treated by sewage treatment equipment, it can also be used in connection with sewage treatment equipment. The device has the function of dosing disinfection, comminution of residue, flushing in the cabinet and discharging the treated sewage residue to the outboard. The device is simple in structure, convenient in operation, and the water quality meets the requirements of IMO crusher and sump tank.

2. Principle of Sewage Storage Tank

Raw sewage or solid residue treated by sewage treatment plant are put into the sterilization storage tank, which accumulates to a certain level in the cabinet to start the crushing pump. The waste water or solid residue is repeatedly pulverized and added with medicine for disinfection. When the sewage or solid residue has been crushed to a certain extent, the effluent can be sent ashore to the receiving facility through the deck international discharge connection or discharged directly to the outboard in an unrestricted sea area. The device is equipped with crushing pump low stop and high alarm facilities.

3. Sewage Storage Tank Technical Parameters

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Model SWCH-1.0
Capacity (m³) 1.0
Quality of Effluent Colichin ≯ 1000pcs/100ml, suspended solid shall not be found
Electricity 380V, 50Hz, 3φ
Power KW 1.0KW
Discharge pressure 0.08 MPa pr as order
External dimensions L×B×H (mm) 1200*950*1500
Dry weight Kg 560
Wet weight(KG) 1560
4. General Drawing of Sewage Storage Tank

No. Name Material
1 Tank Q235-A
2 Viewing mirror Assembly
3 Data plate Assembly
4 Electric control box Assembly
5 Stop valve Assembly
6 Crushing pump Assembly
7 Butterfly valve DN50 Assembly
8 Manhole cover DN375 Q235-A

5. Sewage Storage Tank Workshop

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