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0.5MPa Marine Level Gauge

0.5MPa Level Gauge


HB-SPCG type self-reliance type dial level gauge can be used to measure and control the liquid level in the oil tank in ship, chemical industry and other industrial equipment, without any plus power.

If HB-SPCG type self-reliancy type dial level gauge is top mounting, can be used to indicate the liquid level of undrground tank or oil depot and other containers.

HB-SPCG type self-reliance type dial level gauge has strong ant-vibration ability, can be used by mobile devices, such as ships, oil tank, tank car etc. if make a comparision with glass level gauge that commonly used in industey, it will not rupture, and indicate more clearly, and especially suitable to directly indicate the greasy dirt kind of liquid mediums that have viscous effect to glass wall or the poisonous and harmful medium. This level gauge is pure mechanical structure, so it's quite safe if working in  flammable and explosion place.

The structure and principle:

HB-SPCG type self-reliance type dial gauge consists of sensor, capillary,display, ect.

The level gauge can be installed on any connected atmosphere tanks to measure the height and volume by liquid. The level gauge makes use of the sensor installed on the inside or outside of tank to induce the pressure P that produced by liquid height. This pressure P transfer through the diaphragm, capillary and condution medium to conversion mechanism in dial to drive needle to indicate the clear an easy to read liquid level.

Main Technical Specification:



Applicable medium


Work Temperature



Top mount Side mount


Stainless Steel SUS304

Measuring range


Working pressure


Capillary specification



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