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0.5 m³ Water and Oil Separator

0.5 m³ Water and Oil Separator


This device can be used to treat the oily bilge water in order to reach the requirements of IMO.MEPC.107 (49) resolution, which is also called 15ppm bilge separator.

YWC-0.50 type device is mainly constituted by the 1st stage coalesce, the 2nd stage filter, the 3rd stage membrane, electric control box, oil content meter, MONO pump, pneumatic valve, pressure controller, temperature controller and so on.

Drawing & Specifications

No. Name Material
1 primary separator Assembly
2 the 2nd stage filter Assembly
3 the 3rd stage membrane Assembly
4 Manual three-way valve Assembly
5 Base Q235-B
6 Piston pump Assembly
7 15ppm Bilge alarm device Assembly
8 Electric transformation components Assembly
9 Electric control box Assembly
10 Pressure gauge Assembly
11 electric-contact thermometer Assembly
12 Nameplate SS
13 Vacuum pressure gauge Assembly
14 Nameplate SS
15 Dash board Q235-B
16 two stage water inlet pipes 20#
17 pipe of back to bottom Assembly
18 Ball valve Assembly
19 Counter flushing water pipe Assembly
20 pheumatic valve Assembly
21 Medical pump Assembly
22 Flow meter Assembly
23 Dischage pipe Assembly
24 Electric heater Assembly
25 Check valve Assembly
26 Three-way valve Assembly
27 Medical box Plastic
28 Level 3 feed line Assembly

Rated Capacity (m3/h) Discharged Water Oil Content Electric Heater Power (KW) Electric Motor Power (KW) Electrical System Suction Head Discharged Water Pressure Outline Dimension (mm)(L×W×H) Base Dry Weight Wet Weight Applicable Vessel (KDWT)
0.5 ≤15ppm 3 0.55 AC 380V/50Hz/3φ, AC 415V/50Hz/3φ, AC 440/60Hz/3φ, AC 480V/60HZ/3φ, etc.










6# 600 900 1-5

IACS Certificate Options: BV, CCS, NK, DNV, GL, IRS, ABS, LR, RMRS, RINA

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