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Marine Rice Cooker

Marine Rice Cooker


    The marine rice cooker is suitable for small and medium vessels. It performs well in heat preservation. The marine rice cooker is easy to clean and maintain. There are six models that you can choose from them according to your requirements. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us.


  • High safety coefficient;
  • Durable and reliable;
  • Easy to maintain and clean;
  • Automatic heat preservation.

Specifications of Marine Rice Cooker:

Model Voltage Capacity Rating Size Weight
HSRCA10 220V-1P-50/60Hz 10L 1.6Kw 360×300mm 5kg
HSRCA19 220V-1P-50/60Hz 19L 2.65Kw 455×350mm 9kg
HSRC24 220V-1P-50/60Hz 24L 3.0Kw 520×350mm 16kg
HSRCB10 220V-1P-50Hz 10L 1.6Kw 445×375×310mm 6kg
HSRC13 220V-1P-50Hz 13L 2Kw 460×390×330mm 8kg
HSRCB19 220V-1P-50Hz 19L 2.7Kw 530×450×365mm 10kg

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