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Wire Rope Mesh Slings

Wire Rope Mesh Slings


In marine large-scale lifting or dragging operation, the wire rope sling needs to equip powerful strength supporting the fast-paced environment. The wire rope mesh slings use professional weaving technology to satisfy the needs. Several kinds of mesh slings are provided: Cable Stocking, Single-eye Cable Stocking, Double-eye Cable Stocking, Flat Wire Rope Mesh Sling, Large Diameter Cable Laid Sling, Wire Rope cable laid Grommet, Spliced Soft Loop Sling, etc.


Construction:all construction types for wire rope.

Diameter:according to customers requirement

Tensile Strength: according to customers requirement

Application :cable stocking,installing, lifting, dragging, etc.

Surface: galvanized, bright, etc.


Wire Rope Mesh Slings

Wire Rope cable laid Grommet

Single-eye Cable Stocking

Double-eye Cable Stocking

Flat Wire Rope Mesh Sling

Large Diameter Cable Laid Sling

Spliced Soft Loop Sling

Picture of wire rope mesh slings:

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