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Marine Microwave Oven

Marine Microwave Oven


Marine microwave Oven is a kind of device used to heat is suitable for various vessels. It heats up rapidly and evenly. The heating temperature and heating time of microwave oven is adjustable. There are three models that you can choose from.If you are interested in this product, welcome to contact us. We will give you a satisfactory reply.

  • Energy-saving and labor-saving;
  • User-friendly and environment friendly;
  • To heat up rapidly and evenly;
  • Adjustable heating temperature and heating time.


Model Capacity Rating Voltage Size(W×D×H) Net Weight
HSB25A 25L 1.3kW 220V/1/50Hz 480×400×290mm 13.7kg
HSB25B 25L 1.25kW 230V/1/60Hz 485×370×290mm 12.2kg
HSA23A 23L 1.3kW 220V/1-50Hz/60Hz 485×370×290mm 12kg

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