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Marine Electric Oven

Marine Electric Baking Oven


  • Complete stainless steel construction, imported temperature controller;
  • Two sets of upper and lower heater, and each of them operates independently;
  • Oven temperature can be set freely from 60℃ to 320℃, and keep constant temperature automatically;
  • Lower oven can be replaced with fermentation box;
  • Equipped with baking tray bracket at the bottom;
  • Two types of door can be chosen: designed with visible glass window(C),completely stainless steel type(B).

Specification of Marine Electric Oven:

Model Voltage Rating Size(w×D×H) Net Weight
HSQC111/B111 380-440V/3P/50-60Hz 5.2kW 800×790×1300mm 190kg
HSQC201/B201 380-440V/3P/50-60Hz 8.4kW 800×790×1350mm 200kg
HSQC211/B211 380-440V/3P/50-60Hz 9.4kW 800×790×1800mm 250kg
HSQC301/B301 380-440V/3P/50-60Hz 12.6kW 800×790×1800mm 270kg
HSQ-1200GS 380-440V/3P/50-60Hz 24kW 1710×1070×1650mm 540kg

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