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Seamless Ferrules

Seamless Ferrules


Seamless ferrules always applied in wire rope slings to fix the connection in case of wire rope spreading. Thus, different material ferrules has different protection grade. There are various types ferrules: swage thread stud ends, German-type aluminum ferrules, American-type aluminum stop buttons, aluminum ferrules JIS types, German-type copper ferrules, steel stop buttons, steel oval sleeves, low-steel ordinary thimbles ,etc.


Material: aluminum, steel, copper, low-steel, etc.

Surface: as requirements

Finish: zinc plate, painting, etc.

Size: as requirements

Application: giving protection in connecting with sling loop

Recommended steel wire rope structure: 6×7, 6×19, 6×37, etc.


Seamless Ferrules

American-type Aluminum Oval Sleeves

American-type Aluminum Hourglass Sleeves

American-type Copper Hourglass Sleeves

American-type Copper Stop Buttons

Steel Oval Sleeves

Flemish Eye Steel Swaging Sleeves

German-type Aluminum Ferrules Form C

Galvanized Ordinary Thimbles

Heavy Duty Thimbles

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