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Spelter Socket

Spelter Socket


In order to connect to other lifting or dragging cargoes conveniently and improve anti-wear characteristic, the spelter socket usually work with the steel wire rope to enhance the power of wire rope slings. There are common spelter socket types: forged open swage socket, forged closed swage socket, closed spelter socket, open spelter socket, closed spelter socket, short bow sockets, short bow lugs, wedge socket, etc.


Material: forge steel, high strength steel, alloy, etc.

Surface treatment: spray painting, galvanized, etc.

Color: according to your requires.

Recommended steel wire rope structure: 6×7, 6×19, 6×37, etc.

Recommended steel wire rope diameter:6 mm-102 mm (as requirements)

Application: terminal metal fittings for wire ropes, ship lifting and other large-scale hanging, etc.


Spelter Socket

forged closed swage socket

short bow lugs

short bow sockets

wedge socket

forged open swage socket

closed spelter socket

Open spelter socket

Picture of spelter socket:

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