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Navy Axial Flow Fan

Navy Axial Flow Fan





A Navy axial flow fan is a type of fan that is commonly used in naval vessels for ventilation and cooling purposes. It is also known as a marine axial flow fan or a ship's fan.

The Navy axial flow fan is designed to move air or gases in a direction parallel to the fan's axis of rotation. The fan consists of a rotating impeller or blade assembly and a stationary housing or casing. The impeller blades are curved to produce a twisting motion to the air or gas as it passes through the fan.

The Navy axial flow fan can be powered by various sources such as electric motors, diesel engines, or steam turbines, depending on the requirements of the vessel. These fans are typically installed in ducts and can be used for a variety of applications, including ventilation of living quarters, engine rooms, and cargo holds.

Navy axial flow fans are designed to be durable, reliable, and able to withstand the harsh marine environment. They are often constructed with materials such as aluminum or stainless steel to resist corrosion and have features such as water-tight enclosures to protect against moisture.

Overall, Navy axial flow fans are critical components of naval vessels, providing essential ventilation and cooling capabilities to ensure the safety and comfort of the crew and the proper operation of equipment onboard.


The fans are designed according to arbitrary vortex flow method. We choose the most reasonable vortex flow coefficient on the basis of the fans, specification, distribute every sectional characteristic speed & length of the vanes, make full use of the high peripheral velocity of the vane point. Therefore, they have the features of high-efficiency, low-noise, large-flow & pressure coefficient, light-weight, etc.
In the curse of designing & manufacturing, we had thought fully of the marine special conditions, they impellers are strictly made by dynamic balance adjustment & over speed test. Therefore, the fans also have the features of good-corrosive resistance, resistance to swing, resistance to shock and vibration, stable turning, safety & reliability, etc.
Installation type of axial fan
Viewed from the motor side, the impeller rotates clockwise.
In general, fan is vertical structure, and if necessary it can also be made in structure with frame.
1). JCZ Navy Axial Flow Fan
2). CZF Navy Axial Flow Fan
3). CDZ Navy Axial Flow Fan
4). CLZ Navy Axial Flow Fan
5). CWZ Navy Axial Flow Fan

Configuration selection:

Part name

Texture of material

Advantages / disadvantages


Carbon steel

After heat treatment, higher hardness and better wear resistance can be obtained. The hardness in the annealed state is very moderate, and it also has good machinability. Raw materials are very common, easy to obtain, and the production cost is relatively low


Aluminium alloy

Low density, high strength, good conductivity, good corrosion resistance and easy processing

Electric machinery

Finished marine motor with low noise, low vibration and high protection grade

Junction box


It has good plasticity and welding performance, good forming ability, and has a certain strength. It is suitable for engineering structures. It has good practical performance, relatively cheap price and high cost performance

Stationary blade support foot


Ordinary carbon structural steel has simple production process, good process performance (such as welding performance, pressure processing performance, etc.), necessary toughness, good plasticity, low price and easy to supply in large quantities. It is usually used after hot rolling

Casing flange


Good toughness and plasticity, certain elongation, good welding performance and hot workability


The specific differences are as follows:

Product of other low-quality suppliers

Product of our factory

Other low quality suppliers


Our factory


Incorrect model selection and differences

The air volume and pressure cannot meet the customer's requirements

The air volume and pressure cannot meet the customer's requirements

The air volume and pressure meet the requirements, and the operation is stable and safe

Use inferior materials and turn out substandard goods

The casing is easy to rust

Adopt marine standard carbon steel

Impeller not durable

It is easy to be corroded by seawater in a short time, resulting in air holes in the impeller and reduced air volume

Adopt Marine Standard 104 aluminum alloy

More corrosion resistance and longer service life

Choose ordinary motor as marine motor

The insulation grade cannot meet the requirements

Strictly select marine motor

The shell has higher protection grade, certain explosion-proof property, more moisture and corrosion resistance, and longer service life

The explosion-proof grade is not selected as required

The motor fails to meet the explosion-proof requirements and is prone to danger

Choose explosion-proof grade in strict accordance with application requirements

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