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CLZ Axial Supply Fan

CLZ Axial Supply Fan


The CLZ Axial Supply Fan is a type of industrial fan that is designed to provide a high volume of air movement with low power consumption. It is typically used for ventilation and cooling in various applications such as warehouses, workshops, and manufacturing plants.

The CLZ Axial Supply Fan features a compact design with a robust construction that enables it to withstand harsh operating conditions. It is equipped with a highly efficient axial impeller that ensures a low noise level while delivering high airflow rates. The impeller is typically made of aluminum or plastic and is driven by a single-phase or three-phase motor.

The CLZ Axial Supply Fan is available in various sizes and configurations to meet different airflow requirements. It can be mounted on walls, roofs, or ducts and can be controlled using a variety of speed control options. The fan is also equipped with safety features such as thermal overload protection and motor protection to ensure safe operation.

Overall, the CLZ Axial Supply Fan is a reliable and efficient ventilation solution that can provide significant energy savings while ensuring optimal indoor air quality and temperature control.

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CLZ Axial Supply Fan

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