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EN 837-1 Thermometer

EN 837-1 Thermometer


EN 837-1 is a European standard that specifies the requirements and testing methods for pressure gauges. It is specifically focused on pressure gauges used for industrial applications. However, it does not cover thermometers.

Thermometers, on the other hand, measure temperature and are not covered by the EN 837-1 standard. If you are looking for information about thermometers, there are other standards and guidelines that specifically address the requirements and specifications for different types of thermometers.

For example, there are standards such as ASTM E1112 (Standard Practice for Rapid Thermoelectric Verification of Thermometers) and ASTM E1 (Standard Specification for ASTM Liquid-in-Glass Thermometers). These standards provide guidelines for the design, construction, accuracy, and calibration of thermometers.

It's important to refer to the appropriate standards and guidelines that specifically address the type of thermometer you are interested in, whether it's a liquid-in-glass thermometer, digital thermometer, or any other type. This will ensure that the thermometer meets the necessary requirements for accuracy and reliability in its intended application.

Structure type:

1- Axial type

2- Radial type

3- Remote measuring type

Dial diameter:

3- Φ 90

4- Φ 100

Technical Parameters:

Thermometer drawing:

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