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Marine Diesel Gas Range

Marine Diesel Gas Range


    Marine Diesel Gas Range is a kind of complete stainless steel machine, which adopts electronic ignition and easy to operate. Besides, We also supply other marine cooking equipment. All products that we provide are eligible. If you are interested in marine diesel gas range, please contact us.


  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • Adopting safe electronic ignition and easy to operate
  • Equipped with pressure oil tank
  • Equipped with anti-wave rail
  • The form of pedestal is suitable for fixing


Model Voltage Capacity(Persons) Rating Size Weight
HSA30 220V-1P-50/60Hz 30 0.3Kw 1200×645×850mm 850Kg
HSA50 220V-1P-50/60Hz 50 0.3Kw 1450×645×850mm 100Kg
HSA100 220V-1P-50/60Hz 100 0.3Kw 1650×850×850mm 130Kg
HSA200 220V-1P-50/60Hz 200 0.3Kw 1850×940×850mm 150Kg

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