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New Type Marine Cooking Range

New Type Marine Cooking Range


  • Complete stainless steel construction;
  • Infrared shaped heating without electromagnetic radiation;
  • Vertical heat conduction technology, energy saving and environmental protection;
  • Imported heating furnace and glass ceramic panel for long service life;
  • Flat-bottom design, high temperature resistant cookware can be used;
  • Equipped with anti-wave handrail and racks;
  • The under structure can be designed as baking oven or cabinet;
  • Upper and lower heating elements are fitted in oven and controlled separately;
  • Can be customized according to NOSORK standard.

Drawing of New Type Marine Cooking Range:

Specification of New Type Marine Cooking Range:

Model Rating Voltage Size Net Weight
HSNCR4D 9kW 380-415V/3/50Hz 800×900×850mm 87kg
HSNCR4D/O 13.8kW 380-415V/3/50Hz 800×900×850mm 135kg
HSNCR6D 13.5kW 380-415V/3/50Hz 1200×900×850mm 117kg
HSNCR6D/O 18.3kW 380-415V/3/50Hz 1200×900×850mm 165kg

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