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Marine Deep Frying Pan W/FIre-extinguishing System

Marine Deep Frying Pan W/Fire-extinguishing system


Marine deep fryer is one of the most important kitchen appliances in vessels. This type is equipped with fire extinguishing system, which ensures the high safety factor. Besides,it also has high frequency alarm system, which can synchronous connect with the ship alarm system.It has passed the SOLAS test and gotten CCS, ABS, GL, EC certificates. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us.


  • Completely stainless steel execution
  • Set up automatic detection, fire-fighting,alarm and automatically cut off the power supply device.
  • Equipped with fire extinguishing system emergency manually
  • Set control and contact controlling power out put
  • With thermostat ,limit the warm fault alarm function
  • Set oil pan drain valve, with oil tank
  • With handrail
  • Products comply with SOLAS specifications,through the CCS/ABS/GL/EC certification


Model Capacity Rating Voltage Size Weight
HSA10D 10L 9kW 380-415V/3/50Hz 450×915×1755mm 125kg
HSA20D 20L 9kW 380-415V/3/50Hz 800×915×1755mm 160kg
HSA6A 10L 9kW 380-415V/3/50Hz 400×900×1550mm 125kg
HSA9A 20L 9kW 380-415V/3/50Hz 650×900×1550mm 160kg

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