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Spelter Socket Sling

Spelter Socket Sling


Spelter socket is a type of sling that equips casting technology. Its the most functional is that fix the end of wire rope to prevent away spreading. Besides, spelter socket sling also can provide convenient connection with other equipment. And those are some main types spelter socket sling: Ferrule-secured Endless Sling, Sling with Forged Open Swage Socket, Sling with Forged Close Swage Socket, Sling with Open Spelter Sockets, Sling with Closed Spelter Sockets, Sling with Wedge Socket, etc.


Steel Grade: carbon steel, etc.

Technology: casting, etc.

Construction: according to your requests.

Diameter: as requirements

Surface: galvanized, bright, oiled, etc.

TensileStrength:1770/1570/1670/1860/1960mpa(as requirements).

Application: hoisting equipment, engineering equipment, mining metallurgy, power engineering, large-scale goods lifting, etc.


Spelter Socket Sling

Ferrule-secured Endless Sling

Sling with Forged Open Swage Socket

Sling with Forged Close Swage Socket

Sling with Open Spelter Sockets

Sling with Closed Spelter Sockets

Sling with Wedge Socket

Picture of spelter socket sling:

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