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WNT-311 Marine Thermometer

WNT-311 Marine Thermometer


The WNT marine thermometer is a digital thermometer specifically designed for marine applications. It typically consists of a sensor probe and a display unit. The sensor probe is waterproof and can be immersed in water to measure the temperature accurately. It is connected wirelessly to the display unit, allowing for convenient monitoring of water temperature from a distance.

Model Sign:

C- Marine

N- Adding N means dial is liquid filled and ante-vibration type

Mounting type:

1- Movable male thread

2- Movable female thread

3- Fixed thread

Structure type:

1- Axial type

2- Radial type

3- Remote measuring type

Dial diameter:

3- Φ 90

4- Φ 100

Technical Parameters:

Thermometer drawing:

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