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YJK 21K1 type Marine Pressure Controller

YJK 21K1 type Marine Pressure Controller


The YJK Marine Pressure Controller is a device used in marine applications to monitor and control the pressure of fluids, such as water, oil, or gas, within a system. It is designed specifically for use in marine environments, where reliable and precise pressure control is essential for the safe and efficient operation of various systems onboard ships and offshore platforms.

Here are some key features and functionalities of the YJK Marine Pressure Controller:

1. Pressure Monitoring: The controller is equipped with pressure sensors that continuously monitor the pressure of the fluid within the system. It provides real-time feedback on the pressure levels, allowing operators to keep track of any fluctuations or deviations from the desired range.

2. Pressure Control: The YJK Marine Pressure Controller enables precise control of the pressure within the system. It utilizes advanced algorithms and control mechanisms to maintain the desired pressure setpoints. By adjusting valves or other components, the controller ensures that the pressure remains within the required limits.

3. Alarm Systems: To enhance safety, the YJK Marine Pressure Controller is equipped with alarm systems that alert operators in case of pressure abnormalities. This can include high or low-pressure conditions, pressure surges, or any other critical situations. The alarms can be visual, audible, or both, providing immediate notification to the operators.

4. User Interface: The controller features an intuitive user interface that allows operators to configure the pressure control parameters, set desired pressure ranges, and monitor the system status. The interface may include a display screen, buttons, and other controls to facilitate easy operation and monitoring.

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