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UQK-652-C Marine Controller

UQK-652-C Marine Controller


The UQK-652-C Marine Controller is an advanced control system designed for marine vessels. It is specifically developed to provide efficient and reliable control of various shipboard systems and equipment. The controller is commonly used in the maritime industry to manage and monitor critical functions on board ships, including propulsion systems, power distribution, navigation systems, and auxiliary equipment.

Key Features of the UQK-652-C Marine Controller:

1. Versatile Control Capabilities: The UQK-652-C Marine Controller offers a wide range of control functions, allowing operators to manage multiple ship systems from a single interface. It provides control inputs for propulsion engines, thrusters, rudders, and other equipment, enabling precise and coordinated vessel maneuvering.

2. Integration and Compatibility: The controller is designed to seamlessly integrate with different types of shipboard systems and equipment. It can communicate with various protocols and interfaces, ensuring compatibility with existing vessel infrastructure. This makes it suitable for retrofitting into older ships as well as for installation in new vessels.

3. Monitoring and Diagnostics: The UQK-652-C Marine Controller incorporates advanced monitoring and diagnostic features. It continuously collects data from connected systems and sensors, providing real-time information on performance, status, and alarms. This helps operators to detect and address potential issues promptly, ensuring optimal vessel operation and safety.

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