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Marine Soup Boiling Pan

Marine Soup Boiling Pan


  • Complete stainless steel construction;
  • The pan body is designed with three insulation tiers, the heating is indirect, efficient and even;
  • Equipped with automatic power cut protection with low water level;
  • External pressure gauge and pressure releasing valve are applied for over pressure protection;
  • The interlayer is filled with high composite insulation material that can prevent heat from dissipation;
  • Anti-wave lid is provided;
  • Two kinds of heating types: electric heating type, steam  heating type.

Drawing of Marine Soup Boiling Pan:

Specification of Marine Soup Boiling Pan:

Model Capacity Rating Voltage Size(W×D×H) Net Weight
HSBP40 40L 9kW 380-415V/3/50Hz 700×700×850 65kg
HSBP60 60L 9kW 380-415V/3/50Hz 800×900×850 100kg
HSBP80 80L 12Kw 380-415V/3/50Hz 800×900×850 120kg
HSBP100 100L 15Kw 380-415V/3/50Hz 800×900×850 150kg

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