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Marine Electric Cooking Range

Marine Electric Cooking Range


  • Overall structure of stainless steel, imported built-in heating elements;
  • 6-stop adjustable power controller;
  • Oven is equipped with thermostat;
  • Equipped with anti-wave handrail and anti-wave frame;
  • Two type of stove plate can be chosen: square and round;
  • Oven or locker can be chosen under the range.

Specification of Marine Electric Cooking Range:

Model Voltage Rating Size(w×D×H) Net Weight
HSECR-4 380-440V/3P/50-60Hz 10.4kW 700×700×850mm 65kg
HSECR-4/R 380-440V/3P/50-60Hz 15.2kW 700×700×850mm 105kg
HSECR-4A 380-440V/3P/50-60Hz 16kW 800×900×850mm 140kg
HSECR-4A/R 380-440V/3P/50-60Hz 20.8kW 800×900×850mm 140kg
HSECR-6 380-440V/3P/50-60Hz 15.6kW 1050×700×850mm 80kg
HSECR-6/R 380-440V/3P/50-60Hz 20.4kW 1050×700×850mm 123kg
HSECR-6A 380-440V/3P/50-60Hz 24kW 1200×900×850mm 130kg
HSECR-6A/R 380-440V/3P/50-60Hz 28.8kW 1200×900×850mm 180kg

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